Boat operators should know how to anchor a boat properly. Anchoring a boat is a safety option to consider when severe weather threatens, or when a boat is disabled. Before you anchor your boat, be sure to fasten the inboard end of the anchor-line to a secure point at the bow of the pleasure craft and to fasten the outboard end of the anchor-line (rope or chain in any combination) securely to the anchor. If the anchor has a locking device, ensure the shackle pin is properly secured.

Danforth or fluke anchor

There are different types of anchors. You should know what they are so that you can use the most appropriate one when the need arises. Anchors should be checked to ensure they are holding once they are set.

Anchor lines should be of appropriate length for the size of the boat, holding power and type of bottom. Agood rule of length is a 7:1 ratio: that is, the length of the line should be 7 times the depth of the water, plus the height of the freeboard. Larger anchors can be used for poor weather conditions.

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