Collision Regulations

Operators of pleasure craft should know of the Small Vessel Regulations and they should also be familiar with and apply the International Regulations for preventing collisions at sea, including the Canadian Modifications for the high seas and all waters connected therewith navigable by vessels (commonly referred to as “Collision Regulations”). One of the requirements stipulates that all operators of pleasure craft must at all times maintain a proper lookout by sight and hearing and use all other means appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions, and to make a full appraisal of each situation in order to determine if a risk of collision exists.


Boats should not be operated in a careless or dangerous manner. For safety reasons, boaters should show due care and attention and reasonable consideration for other people. It is a criminal offence to operate a boat that is unseaworthy. You should know how to conduct a pre and post-season sea-worthiness check. Your boat, its engine and equipment must be properly maintained. Operators should know the characteristics of their boat. This knowledge will help prevent incidents, and better enable them to plan for emergencies.