Local Hazards

Boat operators should know that the following local water hazards may interfere with the operation of a boat and increase the risk of injury or loss of life to persons on board. Check with locals and local charts for information.

Low-head Dams, Rapids, White Water, Sudden Winds, Tides, Currents, Ice, Overhead Cables, Underwater Cables, Bridges, Rapid build up of high wave conditions, and weather patterns.

Flashlight (electric torch)

Boats are required to have a watertight flashlight for safety. Besides being used as a light source on and off the boat, they can be used in place of navigation lights (for non-powered vessels as well as sailboats under 7 m.) and as a signalling device. They should be checked regularly to ensure they are functioning properly. The batteries and bulb must be in good working order for it to be considered as proper safety equipment.