Why Should You Get Your Boating License Through PABI?

Get your boating license by following our Aceboater online course to understand all rules and safety regulations that apply to Pleasure Boating in Canada.

Online testing?

Online boating license tests can be done in either English or French with Aceboater.com.

  • Study at your own pace.
  • Transport Canada Accredited Aceboater.com course and exam.
  • You do not have to study everything in one sitting.
  • You can pick up where you left off.
  • The first chapter is free.

Preparation for the On-line test!

We sell the Transport Canada approved Boating Study Guide. Whether you write the test with us, with one of our competitors, or even if you already have your Pleasure Craft Operator Card, you will find this book to be useful.  Order a hard copy of our Boating Study Guide.

Lost or replacement cards.

If you would like a PABI or Cyber Tutor replacement card.

About us

Founded in 2002, PABI is a pioneer in providing safe boating courses in Canada. PABI is affiliated with over 70 Rigistry Offices throughout Alberta, as well as with many driving schools  in B.C., Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Over the years, PABI has successfully  provided instruction to more than 25,000 boaters throughout Canada. In order to give a higher level of service to boaters in all Canadian provinces, PABI has partnered with AceBoater.com to offer the online boating license.